What is the difference between SaniStream and SaniStream+?
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What is the difference between SaniStream and SaniStream+?

What is the difference between SaniStream and SaniStream+?

Darlly Sanistream was the first and original hot tub sanitiser inline-dosing system available to hot tub owners and users.

How is SaniStream+ different?

SaniStream+ builds on the success of the original Sanistream system, now offering a positive easy-to-use screw-thread to fasten the pod securely to the yellow-flower filter handle. 

The photo below shows the original SaniStream system on the left and the SaniStream+ system replacing it on the right . The ‘yellow flower’ handle screws directly into the top of the closed SaniStream+ ­filter.

Compares SaniStream with SaniStream+ pods

Can I use SaniStream+ pods with all SaniStream+ filters, even open-ended filters?

Yes! All SaniStream+ pods include a screw-cap to enable this. The cap closes the pod when used with a SaniStream+ open-ended filter filter. Simply add your chosen sanitiser tablets to the pod, screw on the cap, twist the pod to adjust to the appropriate dosing, and place on the built-in support in the centre of the filter. It is as simple as that!

SaniStream+ pod with cap

Is a SaniStream+ filter a similar height to a SaniStream filter?

Yes. They will both fit in the same space

SaniStream and Sanistream+ filter tops

How do I adjust the dosing with SaniStream+?

The sanitiser dosing level can be adjusted simply by twisting the pod to select the desired level. 

Image shows range of SaniStream+ pod openings

Can SaniStream+ help with compliance of HSG282

In a word, Yes.

HSG282 guidelines are relevant for the use of a domestic-type hot tub in a commercial environment, such as holiday parks or holiday rental properties.

For more information about this, read our FilterCare topic Holiday Park Let Hot Tubs – What is HSG282?

Will the SC815 pods work with the new Sanistream + Filters?

No, only the SC815+ pods will work with the new Sanistream + Filters.

What if I have stock of old SC815 Sanistream Pods?

We will exchange any old DL815 pods to the new DL815+ pods free of charge, as long as the pods are unused and in suitable condition.

Where can I find more information about SaniStream+ Pods?


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